The Coplin Family


18 weeks

I'm definitely feeling Miss Toot move!  She is especially active when I am hungry.  So fun.  She's also making my belly look bigger :)  I had a blast in Nashville this past weekend ~ my life has been one big travel-fest lately and my body and baby are telling me to slow down.  I've been trying to rest this week, but I've had something to do every night.  Good things like women's leadership meeting at church, meeting with my small group, going to a babywise class, etc., but I've been passing out early and waking up late every day.
So, as I promised, here is the nursery decoration progression...
A little prep - the walls are staying charcoal gray for now and here is some art work that I really like which could play into fabric choices.  I've already bought the abacus (first pictured).  Also I would like to take off the 2 closet doors and do ceiling to floor curtains, so any of the fabrics (or white) could be used.  I love opinions so feel free to shoot me a line! :)

Here is the crib (the mattress not in and bedding not made):
 Here are some fabrics that I am thinking for crib skirt fabric (either white or these):
Crib Sheets (in either white or these):
I will not be doing a bumper...possibly a white mesh breathable :)  Are you able to visualize all of this?  Let's keep going :)

Here is the dresser that I will put a changing pad on top of (could use one of the above fabrics for the changing pad cover):
Here is the bookshelf we need to clear out (not looking forward to that, but so ready to purge!) and paint white:
 This is the nook the glider will go in:
Here is the glider I would love to have, but it's pricey:
To save money on not buying the matching glider ottoman and for extra storage I was thinking about getting a storage ottoman with a tray top instead of a glider ottoman - thoughts? Here are some that I'm looking at:
Here is a pendent light that I bought for the reading/nursing nook at an antique store down in Missisippi and I have some other mason jars to put on the bookshelf to store things:
Rug options:
So many choices!  Help!? 

Oh, and just for fun, here is a fun hook that I could put on the back of one of the doors:


  1. Love all your nursery and name choices!

    you look great! let me know if you need anything!!