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The Bun is baking! ~ My seceret journal

This is my pregnancy journal that I've been keeping before telling everyone we are pregnant.  I've journaled secretly for a little over a month to keep track of my thoughts and feelings!  There is a lot to read below, but I plan to continue a weekly update on here :)

Journal Entry 6.7.2010
We are pregnant! God has blessed us with new life!! It is still so surreal. We "took out the goalie" in April, but didn't track my cycle until May...and bam! We're pregnant :) I ovulated on May 24th (my pee stick friend told me so), so my due date for this little "poppy seed" is February 14th, 2011, Valentines Day! He/she is already a lover and will fit right in to the Coplin Commune. Luke and I are so ready as we can be to love on and discipline a little disciple. He first prepared Luke's heart, then mine, and now my tummy!

Since we got pregnant (and didn't know it for the first 2 weeks) we have been to see outdoor concerts at the Levitt Shell with our good friends Bree and Jordon Hollbrook, I've had my hair cut, and we went on the lake for Memorial Day with Jon and Missy Hamilton. I'm so ready to tell the WORLD, but we are waiting until we go to the gyno on Friday, 7/9...that seems way too far away! I really would like to tell our parents as a Father's Day gift, but we'll see if Luke goes for that ;)

I've now known for 2 looooong days. I woke up Saturday, 6/5/2010 knowing that I was supposed to start my period on Sunday, 6/6, but I had quite the inkling that I was pregnant based on what my body was telling me, so I went ahead and woke up early (very quietly so I wouldn't wake Luke) to take a preggers test. GASP! The digital clearblue read PREGNANT!! I wanted to go jump on Luke in bed and tell him, but I opted to use my creativity. We had some left over buns in the cabinet, so I wedged the test in between the buns, put it on a plate, placed it in the oven, and wrote on a small index card "Due out 2:14:2011" to tape over the timer on the oven. Luke was sleeping and I was cleaning the kitchen and decided I could wait no longer. I went back to our bedroom around 6:30AM and asked Luke if he would like to go make coffee while I get ready (I was planning to go yard sale-ing). He was so sweet to go make me coffee when he finally got up. I followed him in there and told him to check the oven (I was going to make a breakfast casserole for him so he could be strong and mighty for his golf game that day). He was a little confused to open it up and see the bun, but clearly understood once he saw the test! I got his reaction on video - he just kept saying, "Really?"..."Are you sure?"...Um, YES I'm sure! And then happiness overrode the confusion.  I would post the video, but he would probably kill me because he is in his skivvies ;) tehe.
He went to play golf and I went yard-saling as previously mentioned. I did not find a thing, but it was so nice to be up early and be by myself in a time of prayer and meditation on this huge change in life! I took Pippet to the dog park, which brings me joy. Afterward, I hung out at the pool with my friends Crystal and Courtney. It was SO HARD not to blurt out in excitement ~ especially when we kept talking about pregnancy! Shew, dodged that bullet, but I'm sure all my questions were obvious ;) We opted to stay in and watch a movie (Extraordinary Measures) that night instead of hanging out with others. It was nice and a very good movie!

Sunday I ran into my mentor, Sissy Hickman, and she asked how things were going (she knew about me trying to conceive). I had to hold it in but could honestly tell her things were going great and that Luke and I had just been relaxing. After eating lunch with the Sunday school class, we went home and I was hoping to work on the outdoor shutters that have been in progress since the fall but we both took a good Sunday nap, which we I never take. After waking, I took Pippet to the dog park and then geared up for my bi-monthly grocery shopping expedition - success!

So here we are...Monday. This might possibly be TMI for some, but for the past 2 weeks (since conceiving) I have been super gassy, a little achy, and possibly feeling the exhaustion you're supposed to feel, but I must fight through it! I keep a pretty busy schedule, but trying to thin it out, but I love to stay busy! I can tell you that my mind is definitely staying busy thinking and planning for this little toot. But....for those of you who know me well know that I have far in advance already been planning the nursery. So far, this is what I have in mind:

  • this crib (and I love that bedding on there if anyone knows where I can get it - or I may do an all white nursery):
or this if we need to go cheap:
  • this rocker (in Khaki): - IT SOLD OUT!  dang..
  • paint existing oak bookshelf glossy white
  • for the changing table: find a craigstlist or a bargain find double wide dresser and paint it white or buy a dresser like this with modern lines: 

  • We'll work on the rug and bedding once we know the sex of the toot :) but I'm liking whites/neutrals with a pop of color here and there.

    That's all my thoughts...for now. signing off!

    Journal Entry 6.8.2010
    Dear Diary, could you magically make me a cup of coffee but not let the caffeine filter to little toot? Ugh, so tired right now. I asked Luke this morning if I could make some decaf coffee for us both and he denied. He thinks I should cut it out completely, but my body is in quite shock. Headaches for the past few days - I'm sure it will relieve itself, but I am thinking about doing a decaf coffee tomorrow morn. I think when I told him that if we are having a boy that it could cause undescended testicles (the testicles develop in the boy's stomach) he freaked a bit. ha! I guess it's actually not a laughing matter. I would love to be as natural as possible through this pregnancy. Luke definitely has high expectations due to how well his mom took care of herself and denied many things while pregnant with him.

    Anyway, so I'm feeling pretty good besides the headache. The past 2 mornings I've gotten up early before work to exercise. I have NEVER been a good morning workout-er, so we'll see if this keeps up. However, I think my bladder is good accountability. If I get up to go to the bathroom, I might as well put on my clothes and keep walking! Yesterday I walked for 2 miles/30 minutes and this morning I jogged/walked 2.5 miles. I'm trying to take it easy and not push myself too much. My boobies are just on and off sore and my stomach always feels full and def. bladder full of pee. I am starting to journal what I eat just to keep myself accountable and I'm drinking tons of water, but I am more thirsty! I don't know why - maybe that's normal? I so wish I could talk all this out with someone, but I'm just waiting and still trying to convince Luke to tell the parents for Father's Day. Then I will be able to talk it up with my girlfriends :)

    This is how Pippet reacted to me asking her if she was going to be a big sister:

    Journal Entry 6.10.2010
    Definitely have the sleepies today or maybe it's that 3:00 PM wall I hit at work. Let me just add to the complaint saying that my headaches are more of a stream of pain rather than off and on - it's really just one long lasting headache now :) And I still have the cramps, which they say is my uterus expanding for little toot. Otherwise I feel great! I feel like exercising (I ran 2 miles this morning and walked 2 miles last night plus 30 minutes of yoga) has really helped my attitude and energy. My current weight is pretty good starting out and I should gain anywhere from 25-30 lbs. they say (b/c my BMI is 23 I am normal). I'm kinda nervous about keeping my body in shape - I really hope to! I just ran a half marathon back in April, but I really kind of abandoned running after the race mainly because my foot was hurt, but was still eating what I wanted. Didn't gain tons of weight, actually nothing but maybe a pound or 2, but I just didn't feel great. Anyway, I know I don't really need to think about my body weight but more about health, so that's what I'm focusing on. I want this baby to be well nourished and come out quickly during delivery!

    On another, less "Debbie Downer" and self-absorbed note wait, isn't this blog about me? haha, just kidding. I am really excited to share my first maternity clothes purchases with someone! Luke doesn't count. My friend, Crystal, who I spent time with at her pool on Saturday, tipped me off to some $3 maternity jeans she bought at Gap. SOLD! You better believe I went ahead to search out some deals of my own. I was hoping to find some out of season colder weather items on deep discount. SCORE! Here is what I found...some great basics!:

    black long-sleeve wrap dress (was $) $20.99
    skinny jeans (was $69) $2.23
    dress trousers (was $69) $6.73

    gray long-sleeve cardigan (was $) $14.24
    navy blue square neck 3/4 sleeve top (was $) $2.98
    half-sleeve black pleated shirt (was $) $12.74
    navy blue long-sleeve lightweight cardigan (was $) $3.73

    I'm hoping to wear the skinny jeans later in pregnancy. They are a very large now (but not in the legs), but will be cute in the winter when I'm huge and can tuck them in boots. Both pants are "no panel" so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. I feel as if my purchases are classy and will be used frequently. I cannot wait to have a belly to fill them out!

    Journal Entry 6.11.2010
    Pretty tired today. Even made some decaf coffee, but only drank half of my mug...just not as tasty! I stopped by an estate sale to look at some awesome turquoise glass lamps.
    They were listed for $50 each, but I didn't have the cash, so I put a bid in for $30. We'll see on Sunday! I am getting a little stressed about house projects today, but I know we just need to plan and budget some things out.  We are writing a list of things to do that kinda looks like this:

    • re-balance washer machine (noise will wake up baby - and I will be doing LOTS of laundry)
    • replace AC (need to do this maybe in the fall when it is less hot maybe? - again, the noise of our current POS will wake baby up)
    • reorganize closets - come up with a master plan beforehand
    • finish the hallway wood & entry to pink bathroom
    • paint double wide dresser (to be bought)
    • paint bookshelf (after cleaning off books and boxing up school and church folders/books)
    • sell chest of drawers & other dresser
    • fix fuse box for under cabinet lighting
    • finish putting together/painting shutters
    • put shutters up
    • clean windows (taking off storm shutters and cleaning all sides)
    • get tub refinished

    More things may be added later...or maybe we can even check some of them off this weekend ;)  This is our progress on the outdoor shutters - to be painted charcoal gray :)

    Luke and I are going to get Father's Day presents tonight to pair with the "bun in the oven" pic to tell them next excited!  Saturday we are going to a Red Birds game to sit on the bluff with our CC (Sunday School Class) and afterward going to a horse fun!

    When we come in for the weekend we are going to stop by "Ernesto's" and look at this dresser to potentially paint white and convert to a baby changing table since it is 40" tall.  It will be perfect under the window and it's only $10 - whaaa??  Heck yes.  Hopefully no on will snatch it up :(

    Journal Entry 6.17.2010
    I'm 5 weeks and 4 days today!  I am feeling great (a little tired) and getting excited about telling the parents this weekend for Father's Day that we are pregnant!  I am still anxious about it all just because you never know what might happen, but I want their support and excitement no matter what happens! There is still a high chance for miscarriage and I feel like I'm reading/hearing more about them plus ectopic and molar pregnancies - I just need to see little toot on the ultra sound! 

    I said I'm feeling great, but I definitely feeling the sleepies these days.  I'm hoping working out is helping keep that and nausea at bay.  This Monday I ran 2.5 miles and on Wednesday I only ran 2, so I'm keep my mileage low and easy.  Tuesday night I did P90X yoga - it feels like such a great overall workout!  I need flexibility for sure.

    Update on the estate sale lamps and the craigslist dresser - they SOLD....not to me, sadly.  I trust that something else will come along or might just find something else new.

    This past weekend Luke and I sat down and mapped out all of our home projects over the next few months.  That definitely helps my anxious heart, but we still need to get a better estimate on the cost of it all and how to save up for those projects and little toot, which I still don't even know how much a normal pregnancy/birth costs nor has Luke updated me on our insurance/maternity leave sitch, so I'm still anxious on that subject, but I know everything will work out. 

    One home project is being checked off today!  Our bathtub is being refinished.  It is something I've wanted to do for a while, but once we knew we were pregnant the urgency jumped up a notch since I don't want to take naked baby bath photos with a dirty-looking/old tub in the background ;)  Plus, I know I will be taking lots of baths after birth.  I will post before and after pictures later.

    Tonight I am staying with my friend Courtney while the bath is being redone - just don't know with those fumes!  My excuse is Pippet doesn't need to sniff em...  We are going out to eat with them and then watching a movie back at their place.  So fun!

    Here's some BEFORE & AFTERS of the tub:

    I intensified this picture to be able to see the nasty details!
    And because we all love after photos :)

    Journal Entry 6.22.2010
    Yay!  We told our parents and close family this past weekend and it was so much fun!!   I am 6 weeks as of yesterday.

    Friday night we told Dad and Susan - I gave my dad his Father's Day present - some golf shirts - and then handed him his card (as if I forgot to give it to him first).  Inside said, "We both all love you very much" and had the picture of the "bun in the oven - due out 2:14:2010."  My dad couldn't figure out the "bun in the oven" picture, so I told him to hand it to Susan and she said, "I don't know what this is, but are you pregnant?!"  Since Leigh (Susan's daughter and my sister-in-law now!) is having her baby boy in August, they have already given themselves the names of Papa Jim and Mama Sue - so cute!

    Saturday we helped my Dad and Susan move some items into their new home!  That night we went to my Mom and Ken's to eat dinner.  They first handed me my birthday gift.  Afterward, I handed Ken his Father's Day card since we were gift giving and quickly gave my mom a devotional I had been telling her about (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young - it's excellent!) and inside was a picture of the "bun in the oven."  At first my mom had no clue what it was.  She said, "Is it a crescent?"  And then shortly after that she gasped and got really excited!  Mom is already Nana and Ken is Papa Ken, so fun to add another grandchild to the mix!

    Sunday we stopped by Jackson to visit Luke's mom and dad for lunch.  After a good lunch, Luke handed him his router and then followed up with the Father's Day card (with the picture in it of course!).  I will NEVER forget his reaction - it was so funny and so sweet at the same time.  I hope this doesn't offend some, but you have to know Mr. Mike - he never cusses!  He said, "You've gotta be shittin me!" followed with tears.  Hahaha!  Priceless!  Mrs. Vickie was a little taken back by the choice words and was handed the picture.  It took her a while (she thought it was a decorated cake in the oven) but got it and we all celebrated together!  And immediately talked about Lamaz and Le Leche League.  I asked what they thought they might want to be called and Mr. Mike jokingly said (properly) "Grandfather, and it must be pronounced just like that - with the D" but I think it's starting to like it ;) haha.  Mrs. Vickie joked around with some names too, but since this will be their first grandchild it's all new to them!

    Sunday afternoon we made our way to the grandparents' homes.  First stop was Mammaw and Pappaw's.  Mike broke the new to them by talking about all of his Father's Day gifts, but that the main gift was...and showed them the picture.  They could not for the life of them figure out what it was.  Pappaw said, "is this something to do with graduation?" - ha!  He thought the square plate the bun was sitting on was a graduation cap.  But then Mr. Mike said, "It's a bun in the oven!" And they both smiled.

    We headed on to Grandaddy's to find Danny (Luke's uncle, Mrs. Vickie's dad), Jimmy Kay, Amy (Luke's cousin), Jacob and Bodye were there.  After hearing about Amy's horrid morning sickness (she's 11 weeks pregnant and due January 10th - yay!), Mrs. Vickie showed the picture to Grandaddy.  Before he could figure it out, Amy could see the picture and turned around with big eyes and was so excited for us!!  It is fun having someone close in pregnancy to you so you can talk about it all!  And it will be fun once we have out little toots and they can celebrate holidays together.

    We'll we are waiting to tell everyone else (unless they ask me directly - I cannot lie!) until after our first doc appointment - July 9th.  I'm excited to let everyone in on my little secret!  It's still so surreal except when I get nauseous, have cramps, or fall asleep at the drop of the dime.

    Until next time when I'm not too nauseous to type :)

    Journal Entry 6.29.2010
    Yesterday was my birthday!  I am now 25 and 7 weeks pregnant!!  When I look back to when I was younger and naive my thoughts were then that I would be just getting married at 25 and have kids around 30.  Isn't that crazy how God shapes and molds us to what HIS plan is?  I'm loving the timing of God's blessings in my life.  Marriage has been such a growing experience as I know child rearing will be as well!  But with that growth comes a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of His purpose for us here on earth.
    (Excuse the table bend-over)

    It seems that people have made this birthday a bigger deal than normal.  I guess Facebook helps out with that but I really feel like I've gotten more gifts than I deserve and have been remembered several times by family and friends.  That makes me feel special and thankful for everyone!  What did I do for my birthday day??  Luke and I went shopping for HIM! haha.  I loved every minute of it because I like to see him happy and confident.  He cleaned out some his closet to get rid of literally "high school" polos n such, so it was nice to replace it with clothes he loves wearing today.  We spent just under $300 for: 2 dress pants, 1 pair black dress shoes, 6 dress socks, a pack of boxers, 5 golf polos, 1 collared dress shirt, and 2 ties.  We also received $50 in Khols cash to go back and spend - I'll be going to the maternity section, thank you!

    An update on pregnancy (since that's what this journal is about):
    One thing that I think I keep forgetting to mention is how thirsty I've been.  Like drinking 1.5 - 2 64 oz. pitchers a day thirsty.  However, I haven't been drinking as much since I've gotten a little nauseous at times.  The books say you need more water while you are trying to produce more blood for baby.  Right now I should have about 10% more blood in me and by the end of pregnancy I should have 40-45% more - isn't that crazy?!  

    Yesterday I already had to use the ole' rubber band trick on the pants.  Now, these white skinny jeans (with no stretch) were already snug to begin with with no wiggle room, literally.  Today I'm wearing  my stretchy skinny jeans and I'm fine, but they are getting snug!  However, I haven't been eating the best - I quit the food was just too much to keep up with.  I made a salad last night with homemade dressing that was really good!  It was 1 bag of Romaine lettuce topped with:
    a small tomato, chopped
    1/2 red onion, chopped
    2 slices natural bacon, crumbled (cooked on Saturday)
    2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
    2 pinches of shredded 2% cheddar cheese
    I would have put avocado in there if Kroger hadn't run out of them
    The dressing is credit to my friend, Lenox:
    For the dressing i do 1-2 tablespoons of mustard (a brown or prepared mustard like grey poupon), then 1-2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar (sometimes i experiment and mix balsamic with raspberry or other kinds of vinegar), then 1 clove of garlic minced, salt and pepper - then mix all that together first and then whisk in about 2/3 cup of olive oil.

    Since I haven't been as nauseous as some ladies during pregnancy, I am probably gaining weight already.  I need to step on the scales, but I feel it.  I'm still working out 3-5 times a week in the mornings, but I'm afraid to jog too much due to overheating, but when I do jog I can how heavy my boobs and stomach are starting off, but then I get in the groove and feel better.  Yoga has been great :)

    One thing I have already been struggling with is anxiety, well, not that intense, but a "wanting" for the next thing or discontent - that's mostly dealing with materialistic things like the nursery and other home projects that need to get done before little toot comes.  Along with saying that I am really excited and prepared to change through reading this book called "Calm my Anxious Heart: A Woman's Guide to Finding Contentment" by Linda Dillow with my Bloom girls this summer.  We were paired with a mentor, Sissy Hickman, this past fall and it has been such a blessing.  We are taking the summer off as a group, but us girls wanted to keep meeting to keep up with each others' lives and prayer requests and are taking a break from our 35 week study called "Gospel Transformation" to read this book:

    I'll let you know how it goes!

    Journal Entry 7.7.2010
    HeyyyyOOOO!  8 weeks complete and our first doctor's appointment in 3 days!  I've had a super blessed pregnancy so far.  Not saying that I never feel exhausted or nauseous or that I don't wake up in the middle of the night having to pee and dying of thirst, but things could be much worse!

    This past weekend was July 4th weekend.  We had pondered going on a canoe trip with our friends John and Missy, but the river in Arkansas was low and there was a sewage decided to complete a stay-cay here in Memphis, which we thoroughly enjoyed!

    Friday Luke and I did a movie and meal at home date night.  Saturday we woke up and played 18 holes at Quail Ridge.  I had a free pass because it was my birthday week!  We had a blast and actually played pretty well - which always makes it more fun :)

     After we were done golfing, our friends Chris and Crystal let us borrow their pool while they were out of town.  So, naturally, we brought our first-born, Pippet.  We had a blast with her and she did great.  She was a little nervous about jumping in on her own, but she followed me in a few times!  She's so attached to me - velcro dog!  She's going to have a lot of adjusting to do when little toot comes! But, yes, she is very loved on and I hope to keep loving on her because she's a lover too!
    Sunday we woke up and helped out with nursery at church and then went to our friends, James and LeeAnna's, down the road to grill out and let Pippet play with their dog Rusty.  It was fun to sit around and talk, but I was dying to tell them that we were pregnant!  Good thing they didn't ask ;)  We left stuffed, took a nap at home, then geared up for some mountain bike riding at Shelby Farms:

    Then we headed over to a field in Germantown to watch their fireworks from the back of our truck - couldn't have been more perfect :)  I've loved hanging out with Luke this weekend :D
    Oh, and on Monday - our day off - I went and spent that Khol's cash while everything was on 4th of July Sale and my coupon was still good :)  1 top, black dress pants & some shorts for FREE:

    I also have to admit that past week I ordered some clothes on Old because everything was 30% off - even clearance is what I got!
    Full-panel cropped leggings $8.75
    Boot cut jeans $13.99
    Gray full-panel Khakis $12.59
    Turquoise ruffle tank $7.35
    Long layering black tank $5.95
    Long layering white tank $5.95
    Brown smocked tank $10.15
    3/4 taupe tunic $13.65
    Oh, and the magenta long-sleeve henley shirt is actually from Target clearance rack for $3.74

    So, so far I've spent...drumroll....$145.76 total on a good mix of maternity clothes for different seasons!!  Here's where it's added up
    5 pants - black dress, taupe dress, gray khaki, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans
    1 pair tights
    1 pair shorts
    1 long sleeve dress (I already have some short sleeved/sleeveless dresses that can cross over)
    5 tanks (some dress/some casual that can be layered w/ a jacket later)
    2 Cardigans (one heavy, one light)
    2 long sleeve shirts
    2 3/4 sleeve shirts

    That's pretty dang good!
    Welp, until after the appointment!

    Journal Entry 7.9.2010
    Yep!  Today was the big day!!!  This pregnancy has been so surreal until we saw that little toot on the ultrasound screen.  We were able to see the blood pumping through the umbilical cord, hear and see the heartbeat, and even saw the baby move!!  I mean, it was crazy!  I am SO glad Luke was able to come with me :D  Sweet Luke teared up with me during the ultrasound.  The heart rate was 176, which is normal, but higher...soooo....are we voting that's a girl?  Maybe.
    We've been asked whether or not we are going to find out the gender.  I'm curious, but part of me wants the anticipation until birth!  Plus, I'm not a pink or blue type of momma and will probably do an all white or gender neutral (maybe some aqua or other pops of color ;) nursery.  So, as of right now I'm sitting on the fence :)  I know God knows what gender He wants us to have and has already determined this baby's life before I can even fathom.  I'm completely, truly loving either gender right now!
    Everyone said everything looked great so far!  I loved all the nurses, ultrasound tech, the front desk ladies, and my Dr. Mestemacher!  They were very willing to listen and divulge info...even down to insurance, which is very comforting!  All the test results will come back and I will get a call if something is wrong, but I'm thinking everything is feeling right so far :)  The Dr. said we are due February 15th, but the ultrasound said we are due the 13th, so that makes me want to keep saying we're due Valentine's Day because it's fun, but I think on paper we are due February 15th.  God is good!
    I stole this little questionnaire from Jessica Polston :)
    *When did you find out?
    June 5, 2010

    * How far along are you?
    8 weeks, 3 days

    * When are you due?
    February 15, 2010 according to the Dr., February 13th according the ultrasound, so I say the 14th - Valentine's Day!  Love child.

    * How are you feeling?
    No vomiting, a bit of nausea and tiredness but other than that, feeling great!

    * Were you trying?
    Yep!  And it happened immediately :)

    * How did Luke react?
    He has been looking forward to this for a LONG time!  So he's very happy.

    * Are you going to find out the sex?

    * Have you been to the doctor?
    Yes, I've had my first ultrasound and everything looks good. The baby has a healthy HR of 176.

    * Have you picked out any names?
    We have no clue! 

    * How long have you been married?
    3 1/2 years - Our 4th will come in January before baby :)

    * Does your mom know/how did she react?
    Yes, she is SO excited!!

    * How did the rest of your families react?
    Everyone is very happy for us!  Luke's parents are first time Grandparents and we have 3 Great-Grandparents on his side!!

    *Have you decided where you are delivering?
    Yes, Germantown Methodist with Dr. Christine Mestemacher


    1. I'm beyond thrilled for you two! I know you'll be fabulous parents!

      We need to catch up soon!

    2. Great Blog, Lindsey! Love it! So happy for you!

    3. Congrats! I've heard great things about Mestemacher. She takes calls with my dr. I'm glad to hear all is going well. You and look will be great parents!

    4. Congrats you 2! What a wonderful, blessed time in your lives! So happy for you!

    5. Love reading this :) Such a fun journey! I love the nursery idea. I don't know how you could keep the sex a secret :) You'd be a better woman than me if you do. I just had to know what inside me :). Looking forward to reading more. :) Congrats again! If you have any questions. I'll try to answer as best I can!

    6. Maybe it is post-partum hormones, but I seriously cried when I read this. Congratulations! It is a beautiful thing to have a baby!! I have already begun praying for you & your little one while I'm up nursing through the night!!