The Coplin Family

Memphis Concierge

Let me free up your time with my services.   Buy the value of having more time to remedy that crowded business or cluttered life!



Drop off or pick up dry cleaning
Take car in for emissions testing, mechanical service and maintenance, or for wash and detailing
Take items to post office or courier service for mailing
Drop off or pick up prescriptions
Pick up and deliver trays of food for meetings at your office or small parties at your home


Gift shopping for friends, family and the holidays
Grocery shopping
Returns and exchanges
Ordering flowers for delivery


Reminders of up to 3 people that are special in your life for up to 5 different occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.
We can work together to specialize each reminder.
This can include you as one of the 3 people to remind you of doctor appointments and other special events.


Organizing pantries, refrigerators, freezers
Organizing closets
Tired of being unable to find anything in your tiny East Memphis closets?  Do you need to switch out seasonal clothes?  Let me organize them!  You will feel as if you have a new wardrobe and organizing is much cheaper than replacing clothes.

Appointment Liaison

Meet vendors such as the cable company, plumbers, and electricians at your home for services, installations, or deliveries

Pet Visit

When you're away, I can stop by to walk your pet, and/or let your pets out or back into the house as needed. Feed, water, and visit your pets. I can clean litter boxes, bring in mail and packages, water plants, etc.
Free consultation visit prior to care.

House visit

If you don't have pets but would like someone to stop by your home when you're away to change blinds and lights so it looks like someone is home, bring in mail and packages, and water plants, I can take care of that as well!

If you don't see it listed, just ask. I will try to accommodate you whenever possible.

*Please give as much notice as possible; however, I understand that sometimes when you need me most is at the last minute. I'll try to accommodate you if I can, but please understand that I might not be available to handle last minute requests.



Most hourly rates are listed below, plus any actual costs will be added to the final bill.  All services start at a $30 minimum unless otherwise noted. Any time over one hour is charged $10 per 15-minute intervals. More than one task may be combined into an hour.


Grocery Shopping Rate: $30/hour with a $30 minimum charge.
The grocery shopping rate includes one store, and the cost is $30/hour. If it takes me less than 1-hour to complete the shopping trip, the rate would be the $30 minimum charge.
Additional Stores: $5 per additional grocery store in addition to the hourly + 15 minute increment rate. Over 15 mile trips will incur an additional charge.

Other shopping is a $30 minimum as well.  
I will gladly help you save money by using coupons in any shopping situation.


5 Reminders per 3 special people = 15 reminders per year.  This package costs a simple $20.
Reminders can be a phone call, email or an errand away!
Gift buying or flower ordering for each occasion will be an additional cost.

Organizing Services

Closets, Pantries, etc.:  $30 per hour ($30 min) plus cost of supplies.
Cost of supplies refers to any bins, shelves, hangers, and/or label tape I need to buy. I can give you an idea of what we might need before we buy anything and I try to creatively use items you already have around the home so that there is no extra cost and added style!

Pet and House Care Visits

Consultation:  Free!
I always come to your home to meet you and your pets in person before our first pet sitting visit, get an idea of what your pet’s needs are, pick up a key if one is needed, and to find out where their food, medication, leash, and brush are located. (Generally lasts from between 30-minutes to 1-hour.)

Cat Visits:  $15
Cats tend to be more low maintenance than dogs, so if you only have a cat for me to take care of, the rate is a bit lower.

15-Minute Visit: $18
When your pet just needs a quick 15-minute visit to let him/her out to go potty or take a quick walk and to get some fresh water, a 15-minute visit might be the answer.

30-Minute Visit: $20
If your pet needs a walk around the block, or needs a bit more attention, a 30-minute visit might be the best option.  Most pets require 30-minute visits.

45-Minute Visit:  $30
When your pet needs a longer walk, needs to be fed, watered, and/or medicated, a 45-minute visit might be in order. Most pets can be taken care of in 45-minutes or less.

Additional time:  $30 per hour

Payment due immediately after services complete. Payments are to be made in the form of personal checks or cash.

Lindsey Coplin