The Coplin Family


12-15 months

This is just a draft I've had for a WHILE...
I was putting too much pressure on myself to be detailed, but I feel bad for not keeping up with my own family's happenings!  Therefore, I'm going to give myself some grace and write down what I can and don't worry about getting every picture and detail down.  It's better to do something than nothing, right?!  Hard when you have a personality that's all or nothing...
So now that Adele is almost 2...let me do some catching up here!

I can't even begin to describe the paramount difference after Adele turned 1 year.  She went from being a baby to a toddler.  She took her first few series of steps on her birthday and was completely walking a week or 2 later...and now running at 15 months.  She has taken off to explore everything, loves climbing, is not scared or shy, and loves animals (like her mommy and daddy).  She is going through separation anxiety big time.  I am staying consistent though and still going to my workout class at least 2 times a week to leave her in the nursery for an hour then, the church for 2 hours on Thursdays for bible study, and then on Sunday morning for almost 3 hours.  There is nothing I can really do to keep her from crying when I leave - I've tried food, paci, milk, "sneaking" away, distracting her with toys, intentionally saying "bye bye - I'll be back," but nothing seems to help.  I sure hope this phase ends soon (I'm sure it will start right back up) because it's breaking my heart!  I've gotta have "me" time though.

She says many words, which is so fun and I'm thankful because I thought she would be behind in communication due to her prematurity and all that paci sucking (however, paci is reserved for bed time only now and for uncomfortable situations like the nursery or long car rides).  I'll try to list a few words she's saying: Mama, dada, bye bye, pippet (pipaa), outside (ooousiii), uh-oh, dog (daw daw), horse (neigh neigh), lion (liya), lamby, Nana, Papa, Elmo (Melmo), ball, catch, kick it (kica), go go, hello (lelo), I can't even begin to describe how much she has tried to repeat.  She knows most animals and colors and will point to them in books and say the animal sounds.  I'm trying to teach her how to count and I started by touching my fingers while she is in the high chair eating, so now every time I start counting she starts "counting" her fingers by touching her fingertips.  It's scholarly I tell ya ;)

I just love this active, fun girl! She does keep me on my toes with her climbing...she climbs any and everything and doesn't really learn by getting hurt.  She keeps plowing on!  Hence the scrapes on her chin and shins...She tries to "sit" on anything too.  I don't really understand the obsession, but she tries to sit on toys, ledges, steps, chairs...and then bounces on them.  Again, she's a bruiser.  She loves to go to the park and go down the slide ("slii") and swing ("saa") if there's one.  She enjoyed Easter - especially the egg hunt.

Adele is a nurturer.  She loves her baby dolls, to give them bottles, to rock them, and kiss them.  She is so loving to so many people.  She gives hugs and kisses (head butts) but is slowly learning how to kiss with her lips (especially reserved for daddy :)  She really loves her stuffed animals too - especially her lovie lambies.

Pippet hugs...
Daddy's mini me
She loves some TV - baby einstein and elmo
LOVES blueberries

Coplin Clan visit! 13/14 months old here
Uncle Dal & Aunt CoCo

She is quite the ham
in February with Papa Jim and SuSu

Adele LOVES books!
this is her pretending to read...
at SuSu and PaPa Jim's in June

JUNE visit to see cousins and my sister while Luke was traveling for work!

This girl LOVES some music!