The Coplin Family


Adele's Nursery

Hey Y'all,
I figured I would post some pictures of Adele's nursery pretty much finished before it becomes a tornado in there.  I still don't have a few small things done like labeling the totes with the chevron fabric and hanging the ASL print, but I'll get to it someday and if I don't then no worries!  A healthy, happy baby is more important to me at this point :)  Hopefully we will be bringing her home tonight - just waiting on the NP orders!!
On the right are newspapers from the day Adele was born given to my by my cousin - such a neat idea!


  1. Such a beautiful nursery!

    I know you don't know me but I wanted to tell you that I found your blog several months ago from someone & I have no clue who it was. Anyways, about 2-3 weeks ago and I was looking at a new post on your blog & my husband, George, walked up and saw it. I told him I didn't know you guys but started showing it to him. He said "is that Luke Coplin?" I said I think that's their name, why? Turns out we went to college with Luke at tech and I didn't realize it! So random! I think they were Fiji's together. I thought it was neat!

    Congrats on Adele! She's absolutely beautiful & I love all of her hair!

  2. Lindsey, what a beautiful room. Are you sure you're not a secret interior decorator? Just beautiful! I know you can't wait for Adele to get to see it! Best wishes. Can't wait to meet her. Love, Aunt Gayle

  3. The room looks beautiful. I'm so impressed by how quickly you got pictures of Adele up and in frames. What a mom.

  4. Wow, I wish my bedroom looked as awesome as her nursery!! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure she will love her room more and more every day.