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Willie Nelson/OCMS concert

Old Crow Medicine Show

Luke and I had so much fun at the Willie Nelson / Old Crow Medicine Show concert despite that I was feeling lousy.  That morning I ran 4 miles along with carrying what was probably the flu, but we pressed on.  Now the story on how we got the tickets...

I work across the street from Clear Communication broadcasting, which hosts several local radio stations, including a rock station called 98.1 The Max.  Danni Bruns is the afternoon radio host.  She has been to our work before to give us a free breakfast my co-worker, Jay, won.  Jay and I like to listen and help each other win things.  I told him I really wanted to win these tickets because I've really enjoyed Old Crow Medicine lately, Willie Nelson is a legend, and I really love outdoor concerts.  So, I was coming back to my seat after going to the bathroom and Jay shouted I need to call for the tickets.  Danni answers, I stammer and say, "Uh, is this relationship roulette?" 

Time out...this is what relationship roulette is: If you are the first caller you get to the play the game.  Danni will ask you a question regarding your relationship, then calls your spouse to see if they guess the answer you gave.

Time in...Danni said I needed to call later for RR (will shorten Relationship Roulette) and that they were not playing it right now.  Well, that was embarrassing!  So, I emailed apologizing and telling her I'd really like to get the tickets.  I missed the call that afternoon...

The next day I tried and couldn't believe that the phone was busy!  I'm talking, I already had the number programmed and on redial!  Just as I was trying redial, again, I see a call coming in from Clear Communications!  I answered and I heard, "you know who this is??"  YES!  I said. Danni!  She told me I shouldn't tell anyone that she called me because it's against her work policy so ignore this part of the story.  Anyway, so, she said Alice in Chains "Rooster" would be playing before we go on the air (they have to edit RR)

so she asked me, "If Luke was a farm animal, what would he be?"

Without even thinking I said, "Is a monkey a farm animal?" (people used to call him Monkey in High School - not sure why)

She responded with "eh?? Do you think he will get that?"

(all the meanwhile I am trying to get my co-workers to text Luke and call him at work to prep him with the answer b/c he probably wouldn't guess it.  He gets nervous under pressure ;)  Oh, and might I add that the interoffice IM was not working so all Luke received was something about Alice in Chains Rooster and Monkey - he was confused)

I told her to dial him on up!

Luke answered very shyly and Danni said, "you busy or something?"  (he was just nervous).  He got the answer right (he was very obvious that he knew the answer).

Danni asked me, "So, why do you think he is a Monkey?"

I responded, "Well, he is very cute, but the boy's got some ears! Love him though!!" (giggles)

Danni then asked Luke, "If Lindsey were an animal, what would she be?"

Luke said, "A puppy dog"

Danni and I both awwed and then she inserted (barf noise). HA!

Luke said if he was on his game (and not nervous) he would have said a Liger or something like that.  Anyway, that's how we stumbled upon this concert.  The amphitheater was so nice, the breeze was great, it didn't rain on us (which is surprising since it has rained 17 days out of 25 here), and it was on the river - so, great view!!  We sat beside a sweet couple, the Harvilles, from Collierville that had also won free tickets.  We hope to meet up with them at the Collierville Square sometime.

~this was a great date night with the hubby.  We love music and Luke really loves live music and jamming.  And that's one reason why I love him!

INNNNTERESTING face on Willie's guitar!  Luke had to tell me.  The guitar definitely sounded unique - I liked it!

(from Wikipedia)
Nelson's principal guitar is a Martin N-20 nylon-string acoustic, which he has named "Trigger", after Roy Rogers' horse. Constant strumming (with a guitar pick) over the decades has worn a large sweeping hole into the guitar's body near the sound hole (there is no pick-guard on the Martin N-20 since classical guitars are meant to be played fingerstyle instead of with flat-picks). Willie once commented it was caused by a little too much Whiskey River. Its soundboard has been signed over the years by over a hundred of Nelson's friends and associates, from fellow musicians to lawyers and football coaches. Nelson has often said that when the hole in Trigger's body makes the guitar unplayable he will retire.

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  1. Had no idea that was how you got tickets to the show!!! Super cool!!! Wish I could have heard ya'll on the radio!!!! - Courtney